AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE fifth phase government has made significant strides in various sectors of the economy.

In particular, it has improved health services to a considerable extent so much that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has commended the strides made, especially in fighting against non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

This is good news to all of us for given the geography of Tanzania in terms of its size, it is difficult to cover all districts and regions.

Yet, in many parts of the country people say health services have improved in their areas compared to what they used to experience in the past when they had to travel long distances to seek health services.

At that time there were many complaints that expectant women would die while they still on the way to hospital due to long distances.

But both maternal and child mortality rates have decreased very much.

Appreciating what has been done in the health sector at the climax of Non-Communicable Diseases Week on November 7, 2020, WHO Resident Coordinator, Dr Fedjo Galbert, congratulated the government of Tanzania on workable strategies that focused on improving public health and curbing NCDs.

He said WHO Office in Tanzania in collaboration with WHO Africa and WHO headquarters in Geneva were working together in the fight against NCDs and other health problems.

Inaugurating the 12th Parliament in Dodoma on Friday, President John Magufuli reiterated that his government would during the next five years start from where it had reached in the past five years to improve health services, including ensuring all Tanzanians were covered by health insurance.

Again many people have commended this move. As the government stresses building a competitive industrial economy, it means it banks on healthy citizens who will provide labour to those industries and in turn improve their living standards.

We are really impressed with what has been done in various sectors of the economy and we are optimistic that Tanzanians will still witness more investments in the sector of health in the next five years.

Given the fact that Tanzanians’ life expectancy has improved, we are sure of many good things to happen in the country during these five years and even after.

This being said, what needs to be done is to maintain the great strides we have made so that we don’t retrogress and be a laughingstock of neighbouring countries and the world at large.

Let us maintain what we have already achieved to keep the light of industrial development shining not only in the East Africa Community (EAC) bloc, but also on the continent and in the world in general.

The more health improves the more Tanzania is going in the focus of development and investment in Africa.


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