AfricaPress-Tanzania: TANGA urban Member of Parliament, Ms Ummy Mwalimu has professed that being the health minister was one of the reasons she recorded a landslide victory.

Early this week at Bunge grounds in Dodoma, Ms Mwalimu noted that the good work done in the health ministry under her supervision helped Tanga urban residents to have a well informed choice during last month’s election.

Ms Mwalimu further said that the success during her tenure in the ministry made her popular and accepted among Tanga residents, which prompted her to accumulate 114,445 votes, which was almost 94 per cent of all votes cast in Tanga urban constituency.

“I am sincerely thankful to President John Magufuli who appointed me to lead that ministry; the good work done there improved my CV, and my fellow Tanga urban residents acknowledged it by trusting me and giving me victory,” she revealed.

She said that with other stakeholders in the region, at least six health centrers were established. Conversely, the improvement of the Tanga region referral hospital (Bombo) was the main target of advancing the health sector.

Ms Mwalimu said for many years Tanga residents had to travel to Dar es Salaam for health services, but enhancement of Bombo hospital ended their predicament.

Several Tanga residents who accompanied Ms Mwalimu to attend her first Parliament session as an elected MP revealed their confidence in the former health minister towards transforming the constituency.

Bongo Fleva artiste, Kassim Mganga was among the big names in the MP’s convoy.

Mganga said he noted the commendable work done by Ms Mwalimu long before she became the elected MP.

“When it comes to issues that have interest to Tanga residents, she is very selfish, her desire is to see Tanga moving from where we are to a better situation,” he insisted.


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