AfricaPress-Tanzania: VODACOM Tanzania Plc and Oryx Oil Tanzania Limited have entered into a new partnership to enable their customers use M-Pesa platform to pay for fuel, thus improving safety, convenience and transparency for both customers and business.

The Oryx Oil Tanzania Managing Director, Chris Swart said the digital platforms like M-Pesa play a key role in processing payments and collecting revenues.

“We continue to extend payment options available at all our fuel stations to increase customer convenience but also safety,” he said.

The M-Pesa’s ‘Lipa kwa Simu’ service will be available in all 52 Oryx fuel stations countrywide.

This service, in addition to cash payment is meant to increase customer convenience while strengthening the financial payment system.

“I thank Vodacom M-Pesa for collaborating with Oryx Oil on this initiative to ensure mobile money payments are available to all our customers, regardless of the operator/network they are using.

I am certain this service will make payments easier and benefit us by enhancing efficiency in keeping of transaction records and improving financial security in all our stations across the country,” Swart said.

Through the ‘Lipa kwa Simu’ service, customers can use M-Pesa App QR code, bank accounts and other mobile money wallets to make payments and get even more value at Oryx fuel stations as payments come with a 5 per cent instant cash back on all payments done using M-Pesa.

The Vodacom M-Pesa Director, Nelusigwe Mwangota Head of M-Pesa reporting and Planning revealed that the ‘Lipa kwa Simu’ service was seeing a lot of traction countrywide as more merchants and retailers use it to seamlessly collect payments while helping customers to avoid the risks and burdens of carrying cash.

She said the company will continue to drive digital payments in the Tanzania retail ecosystem by extending this service to more private and public institutions

Over 10 million Tanzanians are already using M-Pesa to process various payments like utility payments, government payments, transport, retail and many more.

“As a company, we drive the ambitious agenda of a cashless society, so our focus is to encourage non-cash transactions through enhancing mobile payments,” she said.


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