AfricaPress-Tanzania: VIETTEL Tanzania, trading as Halotel, yesterday celebrated its five years of operations in Tanzania, by offering top posts to the nationals.

Halotel Deputy Managing Director Nguyen Van Trung said that from they have handed over managerial positions to Tanzanians in all departments in its headquarters and all branches.

“This is one of the tremendous achievements after transforming the knowledge and skills to Tanzanian employees, and now it is a room for them to showcase their ability and skills.

“The achievements were contributed by the cooperation with the government that has been maintaining friendly environment for investment, also Tanzanians at large who are customers, staff as well as inventiveness of the company itself by introducing a number of new products and services which meet the demand of its customers,” Mr Van Trung said while celebrating five years of business.

Halotel has been providing internet services to Secondary and Primary government schools, in the same vein, which have been able to rollout fibre communication infrastructure to many government offices starting from the district level, police stations and post offices.

The Vietnam based telco was the first mobile network to bring network for communication to 4,000 villages which had not been connected since the country got independence, and in turn, triggered a lot of development and transforming people’s lives.

Like all other investors, Halotel has been in the frontline in supporting the community’s development projects in its plough back, citing them as in health, education, telecommunication sector, sports, agricultural, and unprivileged group of people in the society.

In celebrating five years anniversary, Halotel has launched two special offers which will enable customers to enjoy communicating at high discount, with the manager adding: “This is the first time Halotel is awarding such offers in the country dubbed “Double bundle” and “Free on net calls”.

Apart from Halotel offers, he also launched Halopesa special offer called “Cashback of 50 per cent ” of P2P, whose interoperability fee charged to a customer/agent(s) sending money to any customer for 3 days from 15th – 17th will get cash prize and certificate of appreciation. Mr Van Trung said: “Moreover, our customers will have an opportunity to receive different gifts when they visit our shops countrywide.”

The gifts will be given daily to the customers who visit early in the morning and those who visit in the evening. The gifts include vouchers and the programme will run from tomorrow to the end of month.

According to the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) report of the second quarter of 2020, Halotel had attained more than 6.0 million telecom subscription up to June, which is a big increase.

Halotel Tanzania is a subsidiary of Vietnam’s Viettel Group which started operation in the country in October 2015 with focus to connect rural areas, where 80 per cent of the country’s population lives.


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