AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TSB) has impounded over 50 varieties of banned cosmetic products in an impromptu inspection in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

Speaking during the inspection exercise, the TBS Quality Control, Valuer and Registrar of Cosmetics Products, Mboni Mwampeta, said they found the dealer selling the outlawed cosmetic with toxic ingredients in the local market.

Expounding, he noted that such cosmetics have health consequences like cancer  to their users.

“We also found cosmetic products written in Arabic language which is not used in the East African market. Languages to be used in packaging materials are Kiswahili, English and French,” he said, while citing soaps and lotion made of Botuoer and some unknown ingredients.

The Valuer and Registrar said during the exercise, they noted that some traders were mixing some ingredients to come up with some lotion purported to be locally made in Tanzania that is false.

However, he urged dealers especially the importers and manufacturers of cosmetic products to register their products at the TBS and acquire TBS quality standard market certification(s).

Equally, he advised propitiators of such shops to make sure they verify whether those who sell them their products are certified by the TBS.

Elaborating, he encouraged business people dealing with cosmetic products to register their business premises online through the TBS website.

On his side the TBS Marketing Officer, Mussa Luhombero, said the inspection was a continuation of the ongoing inspection countrywide to crackdown business in poisonous cosmetic products in the local market.


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