AfricaPress-Tanzania: RELIGIOUS leaders in Geita Region visited Geita Gold Mine Limited (GGML) and the Geita Regional Commissioner’s Office to have firsthand information on their development plans for community projects in the area at the weekend.

Receiving them, Geita Regional Commissioner Robert Gabriel said his office recognised the significant contribution and ideas of religious leaders in maintaining peace and unity in the community that was creating a favourable environment for development.

“You cannot achieve progress in any society without peace. The peace that gives us development in our country and Geita Region is protected by religious leaders, who always influence community members to preach and maintain peace,” he said.

For his part, GGML Corporate Social Responsibility Project Manager Moses Rusasa noted that their relations with local communities had been good, hence, they also reciprocated by supporting them in their projects.

“We are implementing many projects in Geita Region because one of the core values that guide GGML is to benefit the community around us. We have visited the Gold Market and Katundu Market as well as the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) projects funded by GGML for the development of Geita residents,” he pointed out.

Expressing his gratitude during the visit, Chairperson of the Religious Association in Geita Region Bishop Stephano Saguda said they were satisfied with the level of support of the company and government to help communities, adding: “We congratulate President John Magufuli for his dedicated leadership to oversee development projects. I also commend GGML Company for cooperating well with the government, especially Geita Region and implementing big projects in the region.”

For the past 10 years, GGML has invested $25m to implement various development projects in Geita Region and Tanzania in general with another strategy allocating $53m to be spent on schemes in the next 14 years.


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