AfricaPress-Tanzania: NATIONAL Investments Plc (Nicol) has provided dividends to its shareholders for three consecutive years which indicates that the company now is on track for more achievements under the new management.

A Nicol statement released at the weekend said the dividends for 2016, 2017 and 2018 had been paid to all members through their bank accounts.

“We wish to announce to our members that as it was agreed during our past general meetings we have paid dividends to all members through your bank accounts,” it stated.

Either the statement said for any shareholder member who did not receive the payment was required to submit to Nicol important documents or their bank account information so that they could be paid their dividends.

“If you are not paid you are required to submit documents that show your ownership of shares and your bank account information before September 30, this year, and a dividend form is available at our website,” the statement said.

It said the company was introduced in 2001 by few shareholders who contributed their money to enable citizens to own the economy.

Since its introduction, Nicol did not manage to provide dividends to its shareholders until complaints from them which led to the election in 2012 whereby Dr Gideon Kaunda emerged the new Nicol Board Chairman.

The statement said despite all challenges, the new management successfully managed to pay its first dividends of  25/- in 2016, 26/- in 2017 and  6/- in 2018.

The statement said Nicol also managed to pay all debt accumulation and also managed to pay the government 1.5bn/- as tax.

It said to ensure its shareholders enjoy good dividends, Nicol management had put in place different strategies to nourish the company and contribute to the country’s economy.

“The new management under the good leadership of Dr Kaunda has done a good job to transform Nicol and will continue doing the same to grow significantly for the benefit of the nation and its shareholders,” he said.


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