AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE State Mining Corporation (STAMICO), Director of Human Resource and Administration, Mr Deusdedit Magala has said the mineral concentrate smelter plant in Mwanza will end at the end of November and its official launch and operating will start at December this year.

Speaking during the official visit of the building process of the Mwanza mineral concentrate smelter plant located in Pasiansi ward at Ilemela district, Mr Magala said the building process started 15th March this year and will end November this year.

He said their plant after completion will have a place of offices, vault place and a place for refining gold and other minerals.

Mr Magala said the construction is under AQE Associates Company from Dar es Salaam and the total cost of the mineral plant until its completion will be cost 1.2 million US dollars.

On his side, STAMICO Acting Managing Director, Dr Venance Mwasse said per day, the industry will be able to refine 480 kilograms of gold per day.

He further disclosed the plant will be first big industry in East and central Africa. Dr Mwasse the plant will create permanent job to 88,000 peoples.

According to him, Dr Mwasse said when the plant begin working it will be easier for Bank of Tanzania (BOT) to buy gold and reserve it.

He further said the gold by products will be observed and the industry will bring revolution of mineral sector in the country by rising a lot of income and providing a lot of jobs.

Dr Mwasse further called upon small miners in the country to take their gold to the plant when it is well be completed so as to buy and sell their minerals.


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