AfricaPress-Tanzania: A new public communication project seeking to ignite entrepreneurship spirit among youth in the country has been launched.

“We seek to promote entrepreneurship development in East Africa, beginning with Tanzania through this project christened ‘Akili ya Pesa Challenge’,” said Ms Maida Waziri, a Tanzania entrepreneur in a statement issued on Monday.

She added, “Our premise is that youth entrepreneurship in our epoch is a major catalyst for job creation in Tanzania and Africa at large.”

The challenge started on social media from Tuesday and will last for one month, where each winner will take home about 100,000/-.

In the social media aspect of the challenge, the youth will showcase their capability to come up with ideas to solve the most pressing needs of our day and future.

According to Maida, empowering young people through entrepreneurship requires them to have a mindset shift.

“We have in mind that Tanzanian youths make up over 60 per cent of the population (15 to 35 years), according to the National Bureau of Statistics. We will extensively use Akili Ya Pesa Challenge to inspire Tanzanian youths to rise up to the occasion and be entrepreneurs or business people not only to improve their status but also to make Tanzania and Africa a better place,” she noted.

As an entrepreneur for the last 30 years who have attended over 200 youths forums over the years to inspire the youth to be more responsible, Maida knows too well, the problems facing the youth in their battle for self-actualisation.

“My words to young people have always been – start small and grow big. It does not matter how small you start so long as your vision is huge, and you are ready to fight to actualize it,” she noted.

Tanzania by our population and the God-given resources that we have, we are capable of somersaulting our economic development to the highest level in Africa, and start competing with the Asian tigers, she noted.

According to Maida the solution to joblessness in Africa lies with igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship in our young people.

Akili Ya Pesa Challenges aims at bringing this conversation out in public so as to encourage the youth to actualize their potentials and solve the ballooning problem of unemployment.

Akili Ya Pesa will have many “challenges” and many prizes to be won. We will start off with a social media challenge in a limited period before the challenge goes to both, radio and TV, and a major prize is announced.


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