AfricaPress-Tanzania: PERMANENT Secretary (PS) in the Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr John Jingu, has stressed a need for parents and society to ensure they protect and safeguard the welfare of the girl child.

He said this yesterday on the occasion of marking International Day of the Girl Child, noting that children’s rights and protection must be core in all aspects.

Dr Jingu said parents and society must ensure the protection of children especially girls by meeting their basic needs.

He said that shouldn’t be left to the government alone, instead all parties must join hands to protect and safeguard the welfare of girls.

“As we commemorate International Day of the Girl Child, the government cares about children and it will use all means possible to protect and safeguard them,” he insisted.

Dr Jingu said the care and protection of children should begin at family level and climbing the ladder to the community and later to the government.

He commended teachers countrywide who had been keeping a close eye on children and making follow-ups and took disciplinary measures to groom them to be responsible citizens.

Dr Jingu said parents despite their busy timetables must have time for their children, instead of leaving the task to teachers and housemaids.

“Working is important, but there is no way parents can delegate their parental responsibility. We must be responsible,” insisted Dr Jingu


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