AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE fact need not be over-stated, and yet, certain circumstances dictate we do so, whenever they crop up and threaten to mess up our livelihoods.

Only people of unsound mind, plus those who are essentially okay upstairs but mischievously choose to be naughty, know the risks inherent in courting behavioural trends that place their own welfare, and in extreme cases their very lives at great risk.

Being as populated by human beings as other countries are, Tanzania is no exception to behaviours – by way of opinions and actions – that are self-destructive.

At a higher level, the consequences are not confined to the culprits, but engulf many people with whom they relate, from family level and broader communities.

Peace and security – which, like twins , are closely inter-related phenomenon – are very crucial for Tanzania’s well-being.

In which case, then, every Tanzanian is obliged, as one of the vital patriotic obligations, to both advocate their sustenance, and condemn with full force, compatriots who behave in a manner that compromises them.

For the sake of a reminder, ‘Land of Peace and harmony’ is one of the descriptions by which our country is characterised.

It is a characterisation which has long been a source of admiration and even envy by our brothers and sisters in parts of the African continent and beyond, who have had the misfortune of being shaken by political and social turmoil.

It is not surprising, indeed, that Tanzania has been a frontline peace broker at African continental level, one of the manifestations to which end was the role that the late ex-President Benjamin Mkapa played.

Logically, then, model peace advocates should strive to sustain the status. Successive governments have strived to do exactly that.

The latest, at the helm of which is President John Pombe Magufuli, is sustaining the momentum. The disturbing dimension though, is that, some potential peace disrupters are local, unpatriotic elements.

Those elements are using the current election season as a cover for pursuing their nefarious objectives. But our watchful government is ever alert to freeze the idiotic mischief.

Here-in fits the message delivered by Chama Cha Mapinduzi candidate, President John Magufuli at a campaign rally in Chato, Geita Region, last Sunday.

He vowed that maintenance of peace and security would remain a crucial mission. So be it, and shame on peace disrupting agents!


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