AfricaPress-Tanzania: EVER since the coronavirus (Covid-19) started plaguing the world, most world leaders have shown that solidarity is important to fight against global pandemics.

The most recent one is a high-level videoconference on Belt and Road International Cooperation which was held in Beijing on June 18. It involved at least 24 countries of the world, including some African countries.

Participants in the Belt and Road videoconference held under the theme of “Belt and Road International Cooperation: Combating Covid-19 with Solidarity” issued a joint statement on how the pandemic poses a serious threat to the human health, safety, wellbeing and socioeconomic development of world countries.

They took into account the fact that although at global level over 4 million patients had recovered out of the total of over 8 million coronavirus patient cases, over 460,000 others had died of the pandemic.

This shows that the deadly disease is still plaguing the world in terms of the world labour force and economies. The participants stressed that the pandemic called for global response based on unity, solidarity, mutual support and multilateral cooperation.

They also recalled the central role of the United Nations system in catalysing and coordinating a comprehensive global response to control the spread of the disease and the recognition of the key leadership role of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Besides this they stressed that an equitable access to health products was a global priority and they were committed to enhancing the availability of health products, accessibility and affordability of the health products of assured quality, particularly vaccines, medication and medical supplies which were fundamental to battling with the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world differently. There are countries which have been most hit and those which have been least affected in terms of the number of patients and deaths even if some countries went for a lockdown approach.

Yet, economically almost all countries have been affected due to the fact that cross-border trade and international flights and trade were suspended and among the most affected sectors of the economy in this regard include tourism and the hospitality industry.

As some countries have resumed daily activities as before, while encouraging their citizens to take preventive measures, including Tanzania, which has not been affected much by the pandemic, we are sure that the economic activities will gain momentum to an accelerated speed to mitigate losses incurred during the pandemic.

It is evident that we are all interdependent when it comes to global pandemics and we must keep it up as it is through this that we will effectively overcome national, regional or global pandemics. So, let’s keep the fire of interdependence and solidarity burning!


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