AfricaPress-Tanzania: FORCING seriousness in displaying skills and team-work, the 2020/21 Premier League season started last week bringing on track 18 regular teams and debutants.

The new season promises a treat considering movements during the transfer window. All outfits have greatly bolstered their ranks with fine talents.

Simba, Young Africans and Azam, who shelled plenty of cash to reinforce their squads, proved to be looking to maintain their superiority despite some others failing to get their desired targets.

The new league season also testing the newly promoted trio, Gwambina, Ihefu and Dodoma Jiji, if they really deserve the top flight league status, and all three seem to be ripe despite for the tougher league.

Nonetheless, judging from their opening matches, even those regarded as minnows, they look ready to contend for the coveted trophy. They will surely take the bull by the horns. Talent is immense this time around.

Some clubs have been allowed to rope in up to seven foreign players, which is a clear sign of a competitive championship.

Yes, home-grown players may find it tough making the first XI at top clubs, but it is healthy to have them compete for places. We challenge our players to work hard and upstage their hyped teammates.

Our premiership mirrors the country’s standard of football, thus it is our belief that all teams will adhere to the rules governing the sport.

We are delighted to see a decrease in number of ugly things like match-fixing and superstitious beliefs, which this time around seem to have no place in the professional football.

Besides the Dar es Salaam trio, the fourth team from the city KMC had the most brilliant results following their 4-0 win over Mbeya City.

From what we have witnessed in the opening matches, it’s crystal clear that we are heading to the very colourful league if we let it go the way it should go.

It is also of the utmost importance that referees observe the 17 football rules when officiating. Fair refereeing will guarantee the soccer-crazy nation a classic season.

No doubt that the referees cannot get all decisions right, but this should not be an excuse for them to officiate in favour of this side or other, especially the big teams.

The Tanzania Football Federation and Tanzania Premier League Board should not hesitate to take stern measures against the corrupt or incompetent match officials.

We want to see a competitive league whereby all teams will be treated equally.


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