AfricaPress-Tanzania: WE are giving much prominence to the upcoming General Election slated for October 28, 2020, because it is the most important event this year, and beyond.

For, granted, election-related issues are important, to which end the period is aptly characterised as Election Season.

It justifiably creates the impression that issues related to the climax that date represents, push virtually all others to the sidelines.

That is as it should obviously be, because, come that date, duly registered Tanzanian voters will flock to polling stations to cast votes in favour of whoever they perceive would be the most credible men and women unto whom to invest the trust.

Trust, we are saying, because councillors, members of parliament and the President who will emerge victorious in what is normally a hectic political battle, will form the governance machinery that will superintend over the critical affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania for five years beyond that date.

For the sake of reminder, the trust in question can be meaningful only if it is invested in the right candidates vying for the votes of the electorate under the auspices of different parties.

Of course, all candidates will get some votes, but ultimately, victory will be determined by those who marshal more votes than their opponents.

In an ideal situation, victors and losers – representing candidates and the sponsoring parties – are supposed to put the electoral process behind them.

Once the results are announced and the victorious parties seize the reins of governance within the Union and Zanzibar contexts, wananchi are supposed to close ranks and join forces as cohesive families that focus on sustaining and enhancing the national good. Regrettably, this isn’t usually the case.

It may be recalled that, the Isles were turned into a theatre of ugly trends, including some members of Party A boycotting to attend funerals of members of Party B.

On the mainland, plus across the Indian Ocean channel, too, we are now witnessing potentially explosive sentiments that are being exchanged between people and groups aligned to rival parties, especially through social media sites.

The message has to be stressed, that, association with different parties represent varying viewpoints over how countries should be best governed.

Elections represent a formula to that end. So, much premium must be invested in peaceful elections, beyond which, the spirit of national family hood must be sustained.


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