AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE Judiciary of Tanzania has gone digital to facilitate the dispensation of justice in the country.

So far a few cases have been held via videoconferencing. The government, through the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs, is implementing some projects in the Judiciary of Tanzania.

One of such projects is a copyright project to promote and protect intellectual property (IP).

Accordingly, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), which is one of the 15 specialised agencies of the United Nations (UN), has commended the Judiciary of Tanzania for implementing the copyright project in the country.

Presenting a paper at a videoconference recently, Representative and Supervisor of Judiciary of Tanzania Upendo Ngitiri said the Judiciary of Tanzania had succeeded in the implementation of the project and was providing copyright training to build the capacity of judges and magistrates.

He added that the Intellectual Property Training Programme had been successfully incorporated in the Master Training Plan of the Judiciary. Tanzania started implementing the WIPO project in 2018.

The benefits of the project include empowering judicial officers to decide cases arising from the infringement of intellectual property rights such as disputes associated with the theft of trademarks.

There is also alternative dispute resolution and enabling judicial officers to exchange views and experiences with judges and magistrates from other countries in the administration of justice.

Intellectual rights include patents, copyrights, industrial design rights, trademarks, plant variety rights, trade dress, geographical indications and trade secrets.

There are many things happening in the country which need protection. The country is witnessing many young people showing talents in innovations, including inventions, music and drama.

The government has promised to protect the innovations of these young people so that they may benefit from their innovations and creativity. Tanzania is a member to the WIPO established in 1967.

As of August 2020, the Convention had 193 parties It is in light of this, that we too want to commend the Judiciary of Tanzania for the great strides that have been made to bring about desired reforms in the dispensation of and access to justice in the country.

We call on the judiciary to continue improving the dispensation of justice so that all persons may access justice. If this is done, complaints in the dispensation of justice will be minimised.

We appeal to judicial officers to continue sharpening their skills in dispute resolution and in the handling and adjudication of cases.

When the judiciary plays its role well, people’s rights will be promoted and protected. This what the WIPO has learned about the Judiciary of Tanzania.


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