AfricaPress-Tanzania: THERE has been a growing demand for clean and safe water in Dodoma’s Central Business District and authorities have resolved to drill at least 10 boreholes to improve supply of the precious liquid.

Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sewerage (DUWASA), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Eng. David Palangyo told the Regional Commissioner (RC), Dr Binilith Mahenge here that the demand for water is now projected at above 100 million litres a day while the pumping capacity is only 48 million litres.

“Our previous studies estimated the area’s population to be around 400,000 people but now the figure is above 600,000 people,” he said.

Technically, the authority sources its water in three key areas‑Makutupora aquifer, the government city and the University of Dodoma.

Makutopora aquifer pump now pumps nearly 61million litres while the University of Dodoma source and government city have a capacity to produce 2.4 million litres and 2.7 million litres, respectively.

“These two areas, the government city and UDOM supply water to only a specific area, in the wake of which shortage of the resource is about 37million litres,” he said.

The authority, however, said that currently, if the Makutupora based source pumps at least 55 million litres, there is likely to be no water rationing.

“We have alternatively agreed that we will limit the supply of water by at least a day in each area when there is a shortage, to ensure that every customer gets a share,” he explained.

An increase in water demand was expected in Dodoma especially after the government migrated its administration from Dar es Salaam.

DUWASA believes that there has been massive construction and expansion work of new houses, all of which need water supply.

The CEO said in the meantime, the authority will drill 10 boreholes to help improve supply in the new settlements.

Dr Mahenge said however that there was no need to panic as the authority was working hard to resolve the water shortage.

According to the commissioner, DUWASA have until July 25 this year to ensure it has completed drilling work of new boreholes.

He also challenged the authority to address water leakages that stand at between 28 and 30 percent.

Dodoma City Director, Mr Godwin Kunambi said the council has also received money from the central government and development partners to improve water supply and sanitation in the city.

However, he urged residents in the region to fix rainwater harvesting mechanisms to be able to tap the precious liquid for domestic use.


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