AfricaPress-Tanzania: OIL, gas and mining companies that failed to disclose information about their operations, including payments to the government should be summoned for legal disciplinary actions, Minister for minerals, Mr Dotto Biteko has affirmed.

He directed the permanent secretary and the Tanzania Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative(TEITI) committee to present the report to him, citing companies that have stopped and those refusing to disclose information on their operations to TEITI.

The minister said that all companies operating in the country ought to disclose their operational information, including payments to the government as per licence requirements.

He said that the requirements empower the owner of the companies to comply with national laws and that failure to disclose the information can lead to cancellation of the working licence.

Mr Biteko said such errant companies are dragging the nation in complying with international requirements.

“Revealing the companies’ operational information is not an option, it is legal,” he said, reiterating the need for disciplinary measures against the wayward companies.

Mr Biteko was speaking at an event where he officiated at the launching of TEITI Report for the period of 2016/2017 and 2017 /2018.

The minister lauded the PS in the ministry for using local experts in compiling TEITI reports.

He said TEITI has been spending a substantial amount of money on sourcing foreign consultants in compiling reports.

He said TEITI paid 258m/- to the hired local consultant, adding that otherwise the initiative would have paid 1.3bn/- to a foreigner in producing both reports.

Presenting the report at the event, the Leading Consultant Dr Gabriel Komba, said for the period of 2016/2017, the government collected 980.58bn/- and 990.37bn- for the period of 2017/2018 from extractive mining companies.

He said 7324 mineral and gas extractive companies were involved in the extraction of gas and minerals in the period of 2016/2017 and 6570 for the period of 2017/2018.

Meanwhile, Dr Komba said the number of reporting entities were not willing to provide the data required for the production of the TEITI report, adding that the team encountered lack of cooperation from some of the companies.


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