AfricaPress-Tanzania: HEAVY rains that poured on Tuesday, causing floods and tension in some parts of Dar es Salaam, could not stop hundreds of thousands ‘wananchi’ from attending a presidential campaign rally for CCM candidate, Dr John Magufuli.

The voters started to flock Barafu-Mburahati grounds in Ubungo District from as early as 6 am and by 8 am, with all roads leading to the venue painted in green and yellow, the ruling party’s colours.

Seeking re-election in the upcoming 2020 General Election, due in two weeks’ time, Dr Magufuli arrived at the grounds at around 9 am for his third campaign rally in this commercial city.

Elated by the passionate crowd’s bravery, the incumbent Head of State expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the voters and Dar es Salaam residents in general, saying their support was a sign of a landslide victory in the forthcoming polls.

Addressing the crowd, Dr Magufuli admitted to being overwhelmed by the great love and support demonstrated by the electorate in the commercial city, promising to pay back by serving them diligently.

“I am speechless, you have been here for hours waiting for me regardless of the ongoing heavy rains, I am going to pay you back by working hard if re-elected in the coming polls,” said Dr Magufuli.

“I am honored and will surely work hard, give 100 per cent, to pay back this kind of love,” he added.

Dr Magufuli assured Ubungo and Kibamba residents that his government, if re-elected in the October 28th polls, will make sure Ubungo District is transformed.

He said his government’s focus will be on improving infrastructure in the district and making sure there is a good environment for businesses.

“I am aware of the challenges facing Ubungo District, it is among the new districts in the city that need special attention,” he said.

Dr Magufuli said the government’s plans include improving roads, bridges and other infrastructure in all streets in the district.

Moreover, the incumbent presidential approved Mabibo market area popularly known as ‘Mahakama ya Ndizi’ to be used by the traders.

Earlier, Prof Kitila Mkumbo who is vying for the Ubungo constituency on CCM ticket asked Dr Magufuli to intervene on the matter, saying traders and the Ubungo council had not been able to invest in the area since it belongs to Urafiki Textile Industry.

Dr Magufuli said starting Tuesday, the area would belong to traders and that the government will continue with other legal procedures as stipulated in the country’s land laws of 1999 and that of 2007.

“From today, I allow all traders to continue with their activities in the area, they should not be asked to pay levies, instead, they will only have to secure entrepreneurs identity cards at only 20,000/- ,” ordered Dr Magufuli.

He also promised to build Ubungo District Council headquarters, saying the previous MP’s and councillors did not give priority to the allocation of land and seeking funds for the offices.

“Kigamboni District has a headquarters because their MP was serious with it, he made efforts and managed to secure funds for the construction,” he said.

Dr Magufuli further promised to improve other social services in the area including water services to all remaining areas, improve health services and electricity.

He said the government is also looking forward to completing the construction of modern Mbezi Luis bus stand, and supporting the establishment and revival of industries in the district.

“There are a number of industries in Ubungo District, my government will continue with its efforts to strengthen their operations and establish new ones,” he noted.

Moreover, Dr Magufuli reminded other politicians to avoid inciting violence and preaching disunity on political bases saying Tanzanians need development.

“Our enemies will be happy to see us fighting each other, and this will give them the opportunity to steal our resources, we must avoid hatred, election will come and go but Tanzania will be here forever,” he said.

He asked Dar es Salaam residents to elect him, MPs and councillors on CCM tickets so that they can work together to bring development.


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