AfricaPress-Tanzania: KYERWA District Commissioner (DC) Mr Rashid Mwaimu on Friday led hundreds of jubilant people, including small-scale miners, to witness the reopening of the Nyaruzumbura tin mineral auctioning centre.

The centre was closed six months ago due to lack of a reliable market.

Mr Mwaimu commended the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) for reopening the centre.

He noted that after closure of the tin market in March this year, many businesses collapsed, affecting people’s livelihood while the government lost revenue.

“This is a golden opportunity that people should exploit to increase their income. The fifth phase government under President John Magufuli is determined to ensure that small-scale miners engaged in tin mining enjoy their sweat by getting attractive prices,” he said.

He assured small-scale miners that some of the problems facing them would be solved, including installation of reliable electricity and fixing blasting materials at the camp.

However, he strongly warned people to avoid smuggling of the natural resources, saying that stern measures would be taken against the culprits.

STAMICO Acting Managing Director (MD), Dr Venance Mwasse disclosed that the market was sustainable, adding that the indicative price was fixed at 8,000/- per kilogramme of tin while small-scale miners would be paid promptly because funds were available.

He informed the district that about 20 tonnes of tin worth over 300m/- were stored in the mineral government warehouse and that STAMICO had already cleared payments to the small-scale miners.

The STAMICO management said it would facilitate, promote, and co-ordinate the functions of small-scale miners.

Chairman of Nyaruzumbura Small-scale Miners Association (NSCMA), Mr Oswald Jenerali, said that about 1,500 small-scale miners engage in tin mining and thanked the government for reopening the market.

Minerals Minister Dotto Biteko visited Nyaruzumbura tin auctioning centre last month and assured the small-scale miners that a reliable market would start operations soon.

Under Section 123 of the Mining Act (Revised Edition 2018) a small-scale miner is allowed to store the tin mineral for only five days, after which he/she should surrender it to the government mineral warehouse for safe keep-


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