AfricaPress-Tanzania: ME Minister Kassim Majaliwa on Wednesday expressed his satisfaction for the ongoing 7tri/- construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) as he toured part of the project in Coast Region. He said the contractor, Yapi Merkezi and officials from the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) have assured him that the grand scheme is on the right track.

Experts have assured him that by December the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro stretch will be completed to allow operation of the trolley locomotive on the line without problem. “I have been assured that the remaining part will be completed by December and a trolley locomotive will be able to operate between Dar es Salaam to Morogoro,” he said.

Mr Majaliwa was speaking after inspecting the construction of marshalling yard at Kwala village. He said so far the construction has reached 80 per cent. “I am very impressed with this development; we are on the right track,” he said, assuring the public that the government was keen to see completion of the project as scheduled.

Construction of the main Dar es Salaam station, Tanzanite station, has also reached 90 per cent and that such development means a lot in the implementation of the project, Mr Majaliwa said.

“The government is engaged in big projects, and I would like to assure the public that we are going to complete all of them using our own money,” he noted.

Completion of the project, he explained, would bring major changes to wananchi along the railway line and the nation at large.

The project is expected to boost businesses and facilitate speedy movement of people and goods

“We have been talking about the importance of this project from time to time. I would like to repeat today, that this project is very crucial for the nation in boosting the socio-economic development of the country,” he explained.

He applauded local experts and labourers who are taking part in the project, saying they have so far demonstrated trust and hard work.

“I was talking to one of Yapi Merkezi bosses here and he said everything is in order — no stealing of iron bars — you are doing a great job,” he noted.

Earlier, Mr Majaliwa toured the Julius Nyerere Hydropower project on River Rufiji. The 2115 MW project is expected to transform the country’s generation and supply capacity.

“We are currently implementing the 6.5tri/- project and upon completion it will transform our industrial base through affordable power,” he said.

TRC Executive Director Masanja Kadogosa said over 52,000 kg of meat, 19,000 litres of milk, 98,838 kg of rice and 36,000 chickens are consumed every month at the site while 1.7million litres of water are also used.

So far, Kadogosa said, 1.002bn US dollars have been poured into circulation through the project and that 123m US dollars paid to subcontractors, 520m US dollar to suppliers, 55m US dollar to government authorities in form of tax and other payments, and 73m US dollars have been provided in form of salaries.

Kibaha District Executive Director Ms Butamo Ndalahwa said her office needs 4000 acres to be allocated for investors near the marshalling yard.

Mr Majaliwa directed her to complete all required procedures so that the land could be provided to the council for major investments.


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