AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) has urged family members to get registered and issued with birth certificates to help them in acquiring basic services.

The Acting Chief Trustee from RITA, Ms Emmy Hudson made the remarks when she visited Nkasi district in Rukwa Region, Mpanda District and Tanganyika in Katavi Region to review progress of the registration as well as birth and death certificate issued in the district.

She said they decided to visit the border areas because they have high interactions with people from neighbouring countries as well as the implementation of electronic services introduced earlier this year as part of improvements to facilitate access to such services.

“A birth certificate is an important document. It helps in getting other services, such as national identity cards, passports, health insurance services, primary and secondary education, and higher learning students when they are applying for loans.

We urge every Tanzanian to be registered and issued with a birth certificate,” she insisted.

Ms Hudson also asked Katavi residents for using electronic birth and death registration services which were established with the aim of improving access of such services on time.

Ms Hudson emphasized that the purpose of establishing electronic services is to provide opportunities for all people in certain area to access the services while they continue with other activities within their areas.

“Currently, people are able to apply for a birth or death certificate at his or her home and decide where he or she would like to take the certificate,” said Ms Hudson.

Mlele District Administrative Secretary (DAS) in Katavi region, Mr Licolin Beny Tamba said they are now planning to help people despite the challenge of illegal immigrants, urging them to have birth certificates because it is an important document in their daily lives.

The agency also expects to visit the Southern Highlands regions, including Mbeya, Rukwa and Katavi regions with the aim of inspecting the implementation of the agency service compliance with registration laws and procedures, especially in the neighbouring countries of Zambia, Malawi, Burundi, Congo and Rwanda.


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