AfricaPress-Tanzania: AS the General Election campaigns for the October 28, 2020 elections intensify, women here have been urged to choose right candidates for leadership positions.

“Consider commitment and the best manifesto when making decisions or choosing the leaders. This would avoid future regrets that usually arise from incompetence of elected leaders,” said Ms Siti Abbasi, Chairwoman, ‘Women entrepreneurs- saving & loans Association.

Ms Abbasi was speaking to the members of the association and other women at Dole village, Magharibi A District in Unguja Mjini-Magharibi Region, advising them and all voters to take sufficient time to scrutinise their candidates’ profiles appropriately before making their choices.

“Choosing the right leaders will contribute to good governance and better performance, hence enhanced service delivery to the citizens,” she said, adding that women and children suffer most when leaders are not good.

She further advised the women to join other citizens to ensure peace and stability are maintained during the campaigns and on election day because women and children suffer most if violence erupts.

Ms Fatma Omar and Ms Amina Ramadhani promised to place those who would emerge victorious in the polls under close monitoring, so that they are able to perform well, particularly by giving priority to women and children’s issues.

The women challenged citizens from different political parties to urge those seeking the people’s electoral mandate to focus primarily on promoting peace, stability and economic development.


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