Author: SULEIMAN SHAGATA in Mwanza
AfricaPress-Tanzania: PETTY Traders in Mwanza City have been assured that they will not be expelled from their areas after the general election.

Nyamagana District Commissioner (DC), Dr Philis Nyimbi, assured them at a meeting with petty traders in Mwanza City.

The meeting was held to discuss various issues and see how effectively they could participate in the general election.

Responding to rumours spread by some people allegedly for ill intention, the DC insisted that the government had no intention to relocate petty traders.

Ms Nyimbi urged them to continue with their activities in the city since the government would not disturb them because they had rights to perform their business in all places.

National Chairman of the Association of Petty Traders in Tanzania (Shiuma) Masanja Matondo commended the fifth phase government for allowing them to do their activities without disturbance in the city.

Mr Matondo said Shiuma had conducted their meeting in Dar es Salaam, Geita and Mwanza and said they would vote for Dr John Magufuli as President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

He added that since President Magufuli was in the forefront to speak on their rights and destiny of performing their activities in areas along city streets, they had decided to support him.

“We Shiuma have decided to vote for the CCM presidential candidate because of his determination and his support to petty traders throughout the country,” Mr Matondo said.


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