AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE government has secured yellow maize market in Egypt where about 1 million tonnes will be sold to the country every year, it can be learnt.

Addressing journalists in Dodoma Monday, shortly after holding a meeting with the Chairman of Smart Group Company, Yasser Attia, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Gerald Kusaya further said that the first consignment will be shipped out from July 2021 to the country through the Egyptian company.

The company’s boss was in the country to pursue business opportunities.

Mr Kusaya further added that his ministry in collaboration with the office of the Tanzanian Embassy in Egypt had managed to convince traders from the foreign nation to come to Tanzania to discuss business opportunities especially in agriculture in order to help smallholder and large farmers to have market for their produce.

“In our day-long discussions in Dodoma, Smart Group company from Egypt has agreed to buy yellow maize beginning next year, and they have said that they will be exporting a maximum of 1 million tonnes each year,’’ said Mr Kusaya.

He said the Egyptian company was looking for the yellow maize to feed fish and livestock in their country, adding that this is another opportunity for Tanzanians to exploit and do business.

According to him, currently production of yellow maize in the country has been low, hence, urged farmers to venture into the cultivation because it has ready market in Egypt.

On his part, Yasser Attia said his company requires at least 8 million tonnes of yellow maize annually, despite importing some from Argentina and Ukraine.

He further said his President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was well committed to seeing Egyptian companies investing in African countries and that was why he decided to come to Tanzania.

“We came here believing that Tanzanians are our relatives and we believe in expanding business cooperation between our two countries so that farmers can produce more and have access to ready markets,’’ said Mr Attia.


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