AfricaPress-Tanzania: LOCAL guests, new CCM cadres and representatives from foreign political parties with historic relationship and alliance with CCM yesterday hailed the government for sticking to the development agenda, a move that has lifted Tanzania from a list of poor income countries.

The representatives of foreign parties, including Communist Party of China (CPC) and CNDD-FDD of Burundi, commended CCM for continued efforts to maintain friendly relations through which they had been able to learn from each other.

Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Wang Ke, delivering a congratulatory speech on behalf of the CPC’s Central Committee, said they were ready to continue working with CCM and deepening inter-party relationship.

“Our enduring party to party relationship has provided important political guidance for party to party and state relationship for mutual benefits,” she noted.

For his part, the representative of Burundi’s ruling party CNDD-FDD, Mr Joseph Ntakarutimana, thanked Tanzania for continued efforts on stabilising the political situation in his country.

Mr Ntakarutimana, who is NCDD-FDD Deputy Secretary General, acknowledged that Tanzania had always been supporting Burundi.

“Tanzania has contributed a lot to the political stability of Burundi. This shows that we have good neighbours who want to see us move forward,” he said, congratulating CCM on convening the General Congress in a transparent manner.

Former Secretary General of the opposition party, Chadema, who defected to the ruling part, Dr Vicent Mashinji, said the first term of the administration of the fifth phase government had delivered to the expectations of Tanzanians to the extent of addressing all opposition political party agendas.

Being the secretary general of the main opposition party, Dr Mashinji said it was difficult for him to spot arrears that the government was failing in serving Tanzanians, as a result, he decided to join CCM after being satisfied with changes that had been put in place.

“I’ thank retired President Jakaya Kikwete for letting Dr John Magufuli lead our county. He is a blessing to us. I also thank retired Presidents, Benjamin Mkapa and Ali Hassan Mwinyi for laying the foundations of the fruits we are enjoying today,” he noted.

His views were in line with the comments of outgoing Member of Parliament for Momba Constituency in Songwe Region, Mr David Silinde, who said within a short period of five years, the government led by CCM, had succeeded in improving the country’s economy.

“This proves that CCM is a strong institution capable of forming the government. We strongly believe it after being satisfied by 100 percent with how it has implemented development projects,” he said.

To a large extent, the level of development that the country has seen during the first tenure of President Magufuli’s administration has impressed TLP to the extent of supporting the CCM presidential candidate in the coming general election.

TLP National Chairman, Augustine Mrema was among the opposition party leaders who attended the CCM General Congress. He said his party had already declared to support Dr Magufuli as their presidential candidate.

“For what Dr Magufuli has done so far, we have no reason to nominate another one. So, the national committee of TPL met twice on May 4 and 8, this year, to discuss and approve his name. We will support him in his entire campaign,” he said.

CUF National Chairman, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, appealed for civilised election campaigns for peace and harmony to prevail before and after the general election.

“This is fundamental for having peaceful elections. Let’s compete by using our electoral manifestos,” he urged.


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