AfricaPress-Tanzania: PRINCIPAL Judge, Dr Eliezer Feleshi, has asked the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to investigate corruption complaints against the Judiciary of Tanzania.

Dr Feleshi said this recently while speaking to the Magu District Defence and Security Committee during his tour of the High Court of Tanzania in Mwanza.

In a statement issued by the Judiciary’s Director of Information and Communications, Ms Lydia Churi, the principal judge said: “The Judiciary of Tanzania does not engage in corrupt practices and does not protect those involved in such acts.”

According to Dr Feleshi, corrupt practices are perpetrated by an unethical employee himself or herself.

He pointed out that the Judiciary of Tanzania would not hesitate to take disciplinary action against employees, who are engaged in malpractices and had always been doing so.

Dr Feleshi believed that bribe allegations against the Judiciary could be caused by citizens being ignorant of operational procedures of the judiciary, particularly how to obtain copies of judgments, proceedings and the manner in which cases are heard at various court levels.

On the availability of copies of judgments, the principal judge explained that the Judiciary had established a service to distribute its various documents through postal office service known as ‘Posta Mlangoni’ after entering into an agreement with the Tanzania Postal Corporation (TPC).

Copies of judgments and other documents are currently distributed and delivered directly to members of the public through such service.

He said despite the existence of the service, there were still some citizens who had not accepted it and wanted to go to court themselves to get such copies.

In addition to the Judiciary providing education on a procedure for obtaining such documents, Dr Feleshi also requested PCCB to educate members of the public who lodged complaints relating to the same subject matter.

Meanwhile, Misungwi District Commissioner Juma Sweda has commended the Judiciary of Tanzania for the improvement of its services, including constructing and renovating its court buildings and accelerating the hearing and determination of cases.

“Currently buildings are being constructed and there is significant reduction in the caseload, especially in Misungwi District Court,” he stressed.

The district commissioner also asked the Judiciary to consider the possibility of constructing a modern Misungwi District Court building as the current one is small compared to needs.

Dr Feleshi continues with his tour of Geita Region as part of High Court of Tanzania in Mwanza. The principal judge is expected to inspect judicial activities in Chato and Bukombe districts.

On his first day of tour on Monday, Dr Feleshi directed all High Court Judges and magistrates to determine by December this year all cases relating to the administration of estates which had been pending in court for a long time.


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