Let’s be agents of change – Zanzibar CS

Let’s be agents of change – Zanzibar CS
Let’s be agents of change – Zanzibar CS

Africa-PressTanzania. THE newly sworn in Zanzibar Chief Secretary, Eng. Zena Ahmed Said has called upon her colleagues in the Isles government to be agents of change that President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi and all Zanzibaris want to see.

The new Chief Secretary made the remarks on Saturday (January 2, 2020) in Zanzibar soon after being sworn in by the Isles president.

“We must work to meet the development goals. We must rally behind our committed president because he and the Zanzibaris want to see changes,” Ms Zena said.

She said that all hindrances to provision of better services to the people must be removed. Zena asked everyone in the government to be creative in tackling the unemployment burden and encouraging women to work.

She promised to fulfill her responsibilities for the interest of the people of Zanzibar, adding that her appointment to the post came as a surprise but she was prepared to fulfill her duties according to the laws, rules, guidelines and regulations.

She said Dr Mwinyi was elected by majority of Zanzibaris to bring change to their lives. “Our appointments are meant to assist him so that he can fulfill the promises he made during election campaign. We are here to help him achieve the goals.”

She said one of the task she will start with will involve looking into obstacles hindering the performance of each ministry. Zena thanked President Mwinyi for trusting her, promising to deliver and meet his expectations.

“Being the first female CS, I encourage women to work hard and never be disappointed at any time. My fellow women, do not wait to be favoured at all times, just work hard and you will succeed,” she said, adding that honesty earns trust.

Giving their views after the swearing-in ceremony of the new CS, several ministers expressed their delight for the appointment, saying Dr Mwinyi walked his talk by continuing to trust women.

Minister for Information, Youth, Culture, and Sports, Ms Tabia Maulid Mwita commented that the appointment of women to various posts increases not only women’s confidence in Dr Mwinyi, but also the trust of the public in the government.

“Dr Mwinyi is proving to the world that women have a lot to contribute to development,” said Ms Tabia as Ms Riziki Pembe Juma, the Minister for Land and Housing/Settlement said that Dr Mwinyi has proved to be keen in leadership.

The new Chief Secretary (CS), who was the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy in the Union government, replaces Dr Abdulhamid Yahya Mzee who officially retired on December 31, 2020 after serving in the position for more than 10 years.

Dr Mwinyi’s appointment is backed by section 49(1) of Zanzibar 1984 constitution.

Witnessing the ceremony at the State House were, among others, Second Vice President Hemed Hemed Suleiman Abdulla, Attorney General (AG) Dr Mwinyi Talib, Mufti of Zanzibar Sheikh Saleh Kabi, Chief Justice Omar Othman Makungu, and House Speaker Zubeir Ali Maulid.

Meanwhile, President Mwinyi has made a mini reshuffle of District Commissioners (DCs) after the appointment he made last week.

The new list with their districts in bracket are Mr Rashid Simai Msaraka (Unguja Urban), Ms Suzan Peter Kunambi, a Journalist with ZBC Radio (Unguja West A), and Ms Hamida Mussa khamis (Unguja West B).

Others are Mr Sadifa Juma khamis (Unguja North A), Mr Aboud Hassan Mwinyi (Unguja North B), Mr Rashid Makame Shamsi (Unguja South), Ms Marina Joel Thomas (Unguja Central), Ms Mgeni Khatib Yahya (Pemba Wete), CDR Mohamed Mussa Seif (Micheweni- Pemba), Mr Abdalla Rashid Ali (Chakechake, Pemba) and Mr Issa Juma Ali (Mkoani Pemba).

Those who were appointed last week but have been dropped in the mini reshuffle are Mr Rajab Ali Rajab, Mr Khamis Mbeto Khamis and Mr Kassim Haidar Jabir.


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