Lack of latrines puts Sirari pupils at great health risk

Lack of latrines puts Sirari pupils at great health risk
Lack of latrines puts Sirari pupils at great health risk

Africa-PressTanzania. OVER 1,000 pupils ease themselves in a bush near their school due to lack of latrines at Sirari Primary School. This puts them at great health risk.

The situation has made parents and well-wishers donate 840,000 building equipment.

Chairman of the school committee, Mr Samwel Togo, said some parents had misinterpreted the government’s decision to provide free education as they had failed to fulfil their responsibility of participating in development activities, including the construction of school infrastructures.

He said apart from lack of latrines, the school was also facing shortage of four classrooms to accommodate Standard One pupils in 2020, as one classroom accommodates more than 60 pupils.

Sirari Primary School former pupils coordinator Nchagwa Magasi, who contributed 30 bags of cement worth 600,000/-, said former pupils of the school had embarked on an initiative to participate in development activities in the region.

He said apart from donating the building equipment they also intended to raise more funds to help less-privileged children who performed well in exams so that they could realise their dreams and avoid out-dated traditional practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM).

In another development, school head teacher Kennedy Muniko said due to the recent long holiday, more female pupils were likely to drop out of school due to FGM.

He urged village leaders to ensure they looked for absentees and take legal action against irresponsible parents.

He said parents found to have caused their children to drop out of school and marry them off or engage them in economic activities would face legal action, including prosecution.


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