Foreign Minister meets Dr Shein, Vice-President

FOREIGN and East African Cooperation Minister, Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, in separate occasions met with President Ali Mohamed Shein and second Vice-President Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, underscoring the importance of strengthening the union between Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland.

Shein and Kabudi discussed ways in which greater engagement between both countries could be explored along with strengthening relations with foreign countries for the benefit of the people.

Similarly, in the meeting with the Vice-President and Minister of State- Public Service and Good Governance, Mr Haroun Ali Suleiman, the Zanzibar leaders and the Foreign Minister discussed on ways of using the office to advertise Tanzania and attract investors.

“As we mark the 55 anniversary of the union, we look forward to see more done by the foreign ministry in terms of winning foreign investors and advertising both Zanzibar and the Mainland as best places also for tourism,” Dr Shein told Prof Kabudi who was in Zanzibar for a familiarization tour following his appointment last month.

Mr Kabudi promised the Zanzibar leaders of continued collaboration with the people and leaders of Zanzibar in ensuring that the objectives of the formation of his ministry are met for the benefit of the people.

“Plans to have Diaspora policy and the construction of an embassy in Oman are some of the activities going on in the ministry,” Kabudi said as he also toured the room at the Zanzibar State House where the late Mwalimu Nyerere and Abeid Karume signed the document to legalize the union.

The foreign minister also commended the Zanzibar leaders for the admirable development in various programmes, including tourism and basic needs in health and education.


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