Oyo Police speak on fatal shooting after Akesan market fire

No police personnel was involved in the deadly shootings following the fire incident that razed Akesan Market of Oyo Town on Sunday morning, a spokesperson for the police said.

The police blamed a ‘sister security agency’ for the shootings instead

The police also said only one person was killed contrary to the claim by witnesses that three people were killed.

The fire, which started in the early hours of Sunday, destroyed most of Akesan Market, leaving only a few shops and a filling station, witnesses, including two traders who suffered losses, said

Videos shared on social media by residents show extreme destruction of the ancient market, a walk from the lalace of the Alaafin.

Many indigenes in Oyo, a town of four local government areas and five higher learning institutions, have connections with Akesan Market directly or through family members trading there.

No early response
There was no early response as the firefighters stationed just opposite the market failed to stop the fire due to non-functioning equipment. However, at about 6 a.m., a response came from Ogbomoso, 50 kilometres away, with firefighters based in that neighbouring town mobilised to stop the Akesan-Oyo fire.

But residents said the fire had already caused massive damage before the efforts of the external firefighters. Many then went wild, sacking the local fire service station near Akesan by starting a fire just outside the gate.


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