Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah posts TBT photos of his handsome younger days

Africa Press-Nigeria:

Revered Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah is without a doubt one of the best thespians Africa has ever produced.

For those in the dark, Ramsey was among the few Nigerian actors who pioneered the now popular Nollywood movies, otherwise known as Afro-cinema.

He made many people love African soap operas with his romantic roles alongside yet another popular personality, Genevive Nnaji.

Well, the actor ruled the airwaves with his great movies for some time before taking a back seat and going slow on his acting.

Well, Ramsey may still be acting here and there but not as much as then when people could see him regularly.

This made many people specifically his fans to miss him, especially the Ramsey of those days.

It is because of this particular reason that he decided to give his online fans a rare treat by giving them a glimpse of himself in his youthful days.



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