Nigerian feature film premieres in Zimbabwe

Africa Press-Nigeria

THE premiere of a Nigerian feature film in Zimbabwe on the 6th of this month is expected to open doors for collaborations in the two countries’ film industries.

Written, produced and directed by Desmond Ovbiagele, the Nigerian film titled Milkmaid was launched in Zimbabwe on the 6th of this month before hitting Nigerian cinema screens.
Promoters of the film in Zimbabwe, Mambokadzi African Media and Entertainment Network Founder, Rhoda Mandaza clarified the possibilities of collaborations with Nigerian filmmakers.

“Zimbabwe was chosen because our movie houses are open. It is also because Nigeria is currently facing some challenges. Mambokadzi media has also good relations with African Movie Academy, which is a Nigerian academy. The president of Nigerian Filmmakers association reached out to us as Mambokadzi media and we accepted the offer. Now we are deliberating on the possibility of bringing more Nigerian films to Zimbabwe,” she said.

The film which is set in rural Sub-Saharan Africa chronicles how women show resilience in the face of challenges.
It is centered on Aisha a Fulani Milkmaid searching of her young sister Zainab, after being separated from each other by some religious militants.

“It is a captivating story which explores child marriages, patriarchy and many other issues,” she said.


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