Man wins $100,000 by buying 20 identical lottery tickets for one drawing

Nov. 20 (UPI) — A man won a $100,000 prize from a Virginia Lottery drawing with $5,000 prize tickets by buying 20 identical tickets bearing the numbers that previously won him a much-smaller jackpot.

James Swimpson, of Elizabeth City, N.C., told Virginia Lottery officials he decided to buy 20 Pick 4 tickets bearing the number combination 1-4-4-1 when he visited Love’s Travel Stop in Skippers, Va.

Swimpson said he knew the numbers were lucky because a few years ago the same combination earned him a $5,000 jackpot.

His purchase for the Nov. 2 drawing earned him a grand total of $100,000 — 20 $5,000 prizes.

Swimpson said he plans to use his winnings to pay off bills.


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