Kanu members in Nandi laud Uhuru’s move to unite country

AfricaPress-Kenya: Kanu members in Nandi County have welcomed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to unite the country.

Speaking in Kapsabet town yesterday, they reiterated that Kanu would stand with the President in his bid to execute his development agenda.“Chama cha Mashinani and Kanu have teamed up to support President Uhuru’s legacy.

What we are against is the formation of new political parties in our community, which will bring further divisions in the region,” said Kanu coordinator Isaac Rono.Rono urged Kenyans to join Kanu during the ongoing recruitment drive aimed at bolstering its standing ahead of the 2022 General Election.

“We know some of the local political party members are threatened against supporting Kanu. There are some cases where our members are intimidated against affiliating with us, but I want to assure them that they have the right to register with us,” he said.Appealing to the Kalenjin community, the long serving party coordinator stated that grassroots campaigns were ongoing to recruit new members and delegates.

“Kanu is a great party and it has been there since independence with supporters across the country, and going by the direction of our party leader, he is ready to take over the leadership mantle,” he said.The leaders also vowed to rally behind the Kanu party leader Gideon Moi, saying they were ready to support his presidential ambition to succeed Kenyatta in 2022.

Former Mosop Kanu parliamentary aspirant Christopher Telengech said the opening of Jubilee Asili Centre was the initial development of a movement that would morph into a political party, adding that Deputy President William Ruto’s move was ill advised.

“What is perceived as bad blood between DP Ruto and his boss may not be known by many, but the political development between Tangatanga and Kieleweke factions in the ruling party is showing that things are not good,” said Telengech.He said the Kalenjin community should stand with Kanu and ignore new political outfits that were not aligned with their interests and development agenda.

Nandi Kanu chairperson Joseph Samoei accused the DP of dividing the region, adding that Kenyatta was about to end the chaos that characterised the country after every presidential election.“A referendum that spread out the Executive powers for inclusive governance will be a panacea of electoral skirmishes in the country.

We don’t expect anyone to be against the handshake between Uhuru and Raila Odinga that was aimed at healing the country and addressing pertinent issues,” he said.


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