Super petrol rises as diesel, kerosene drop in latest fuel review


AfricaPress-Kenya: Super petrol has increased by Sh1.48 while diesel and kerosene decreased by Sh0.12 and Sh0.50 per litre respectively in the latest changes by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

The prices are inclusive of eight per cent VAT in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2018 and the Tax Laws.

The authority said that the changes in this month’s prices are as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increasing by 2.65 per cent from 319.23 US Dollars per cubic meter in July to 327.69 US Dollars in August

The new prices will be effected from September 15 to October 14.

The average landed cost of imported diesel decreased by 1.02% from US$ 333.27 per cubic metre to US$ 329.88 per cubic metre while kerosene decreased by 2.06% from US$ 288.01 per cubic metre to US$ 282.09 per cubic metre.

In Nairobi, Super Petrol will cost Sh105.43, diesel Sh94.51, and kerosene will cost Sh83.15.

In Mombasa, super petrol will be sold at Sh103.05, diesel Sh92.15 while kerosene will be Sh80.78.

Motorists in Nakuru will buy super petrol at Sh105.15, diesel Sh94.54 while kerosene will be Sh83.11.

The cost of super petrol in Kisumu will be Sh106.06, diesel Sh95.35, and kerosene sh84.02.

Petrol and diesel prices had increased by Sh11.38 and Sh17.30, respectively, in the latest review.

Kerosene, used mainly by households for cooking and lighting, had gone up by Sh2.98.

EPRA had also refuted claims that a previous error in computing fuel prices led to an increase in pump prices in its last review.

There were claims that EPRA under covered VAT tax on super petrol, diesel and kerosene for the June 15 to July 14 cycle, which had to be corrected in the latest pricing review (July-August).

It was said to have led to an increase in prices where petrol prices rose by Sh11.38 to sell at the current rate of Sh100.48 per litre in Nairobi while a litre of diesel went up by Sh17.30 to retail at Sh91.87.


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