Amref back on list for Global Fund

Author: Graham Kajilwa 
AfricaPress-Kenya: Amref and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) have been selected to continue being non-State partners in managing Sh41 billion fund for malaria, tuberculosis and HIV and Aids.

A crisis meeting held on Monday to address and the impasse between Kenya and Global Fund led to Amref being selected as the non-State principal recipient of a portion of the fund.

A letter seen by The Standard addressed to Global Fund Secretariat regarding the meeting indicated that through a vote, KRCS and Amref will continue being recipients of the fund as non-State partners.

KRCS will handle HIV and Aids while Amref Health Africa will be in charge of TB and malaria.

“Enclosed herewith please find documentation, transparent and clearly defined and objective criteria used to nominate the continuing principal recipients,” reads the letter dated September 14 signed by Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache.

The committee that voted – Kenya Coordinating Mechanism (KCM) – is chaired by the PS.

Global Fund, in a detailed report, had indicated that a decision arriving at Amref as the principal recipient of a portion of the monies among non-State partners was not satisfactory.

As such, the country was at a risk of being allocated Sh29 billion instead of Sh41 billion. The fund is usually shared 70-30 percent between the Treasury and non-State partner, in this case Amref.

However, after Global Fund raised queries on the selection process, the committee responsible met on Monday to discuss proposed recommendations.

The KCM is made of 23 members from government and non-State actors. This body is responsible for coming up with criteria for selection of non-State principal recipient of the funds.

Highest score

In the voting pattern seen by The Standard, 17 of the members voted to award the highest scoring organisation for principal recipient.

The non-State bodies were being vetted for eligibility using four criteria: administrative check, technical evaluation, onsite verification and financial evaluation.

Apart from Amref, other entities that applied include World Vision, Kanco, Youth Connect Consortium, LVCT, KRCS, Health Strat and PS Kenya.

All entities were dropped along the way except PS Kenya, Amref and KRCS which proceeded to the last stage of financial evaluation. This is determined by a five-member sub-committee.

It is at this stage where Amref was selected that Global Fund raised queries on how the evaluation was done.

“The RfP (Request for proposal) does not provide clarity on the evaluation criteria for the financial proposal,” said Global Fund.

Global Fund is a pool of fund where countries contribute and later request for grants to help the fight against the three illnesses.

The Sh41 billion is what Kenya has applied for to be utilised between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2024.


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