Magoha Rants Over School Bus Cartoon

Magoha Rants Over School Bus Cartoon
Magoha Rants Over School Bus Cartoon

Africa-PressKenya. Education CS George Magoha ranted after being featured in a cartoon that depicted him as clueless and uncertain over his decisions in the school reopening process.

Magoha reproached journalists at a press briefing in Nairobi on Wednesday, January 6, where he threatened to cut off his relationship with the media.

The cartoon, printed in the Standard Newspaper illustrated Magoha fueling a school bus full of students. However, the vehicle lacked wheels and students were also staring at him in total amusement.

“Today, in one of your media outlets, I was portrayed in that cartoon. I don’t mind the cartoons, but in the name of God, are you being fair to the government?

“It is like the govt doesn’t know what it is doing. We are groping around fueling a vehicle going nowhere. That is my perspective. Yet keep saying that you are not biased and have goodwill. We have buses that are successfully ferrying students to school,” Magoha lamented.

He added that he would sever ties with journalists who cover his events as they reportedly kept on discrediting the government.

The CS, nonetheless, argued that he was ready to bear responsibility and face all manner of attacks as he had chosen to be a public servant.

However, he urged for precaution in the case of sensitive information being disseminated to the public.

“I agree that we are cautious of some information. I understand. We are just about to wind out Competence-Based-Curriculum (CBC) task force discussion and some of you have snooped around printing what is not true.

“Tell me how I can trust you. When the report is ready, we shall call you and debate on it. It is thoroughly unfair when you rush information that is not ready,” he warned.

The CBC task force is expected to oversee changes in the education sector which may see the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) scrapped off as the government focuses on the adoption of the 2-6-3-3-3- curriculum.

Magoha further clarified that he had not only banned journalists from visiting schools but also parents and was keen on restricting unnecessary movements ahead of candidates sitting national exams.


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