T’di Bombshell! 4 Girls Missing; 3rd Suspect Grabbed

Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Oji

members of a fourth girl, whom they are claiming was also kidnapped, have said
the remains discovered at Nkroful New Site in Takoradi by the police could be
that of their missing girl.

one more suspect has been arrested in Nigeria in connection with the case
involving the three missing Takoradi girls.

arrest of Chika John Nnodim on 5th August 2019 brings the number of arrested
suspects in the case to three.

latest revelation that a fourth girl has gone missing and is yet to be found
has sparked debate that she might have also been kidnapped.

to the family members, Rose Abakah, 16, had gone missing at Diabene, a suburb
of Takoradi in the Western Region for over a year now.

certain Evangelist Veronica Cobbinah, who claimed to be the grandmother of Rose
Abakah, narrated that on 18th July 2018, Rose went to Diabene Methodist Church
but never returned home.

claimed that when she got back from church her grandchild was not at home and
was only told by her friends that Rose received a call and left the Sunday
school service.

claimed that the police in the area assisted the family in the payment of
ransom to the kidnappers but the girl never came back.

Cobbinah added that various announcements to trace the girl were unsuccessful
and reported the case to the Kojokrom Police and the Sekondi Police but to no

had to leave for the United States of America only to hear on the Internet of
the kidnapping of the three girls,” she said, adding that “the police only
allowed us to pay GH¢300 to some guys who called later that the child was with
them and that we should go to the main road to receive her but we couldn’t get
my granddaughter.”

reported to the police that we couldn’t find my granddaughter. They took us to
Sekondi but the back and forth was just too much although they said they were
in search of her. Later, we received a call from a group of people who were
demanding GH¢35,000 before they could release our relative. So, we reported
this again to the police because we suspected it was kidnapping,” she narrated.

“The police officers took all our statements
then the next day the guys were just calling us and the police at Kojokrom were
bargaining with them. Finally, they came to a conclusion that whatever we have
we can give it to them. And the police told us that if that is the case we
should give them (kidnappers) something; maybe my granddaughter will come back,”
she added.

elder sister of the missing girl, Matilda, also corroborated the story and said
the family made some payments to the suspected kidnappers who talked to her to
get her sister released but to no avail.

one who spoke to me said they had used my sister’s name to register for MTN
Mobile money so we should make the payment through that number which we did.

the time, I was working with MTN so I gave the number to my boss and we
realised that they used my sister’s National Health Insurance card for the
registration. So that was how we were convinced that she was in their custody.
We have so far paid GH¢300 to them,” she recounted.

want the police to be quick about their DNA tests so that we can be comfortable
with our lives. Right now, we are downhearted,” she added.

fourth set of human parts was on Wednesday discovered at Nkroful New Site in
Takoradi as part of investigations into the missing Takoradi girls’ case.

remains were discovered at an uncompleted building where the main suspect in the
kidnapping of the three girls, Samuel Udoetuk Wills, was re-arrested when he
escaped from police custody in December 2018.

the police had said it would take them four weeks to complete DNA tests on the
parts to ascertain whether or not those are the parts of the missing girls in

initially refusing police request for DNA tests to be conducted on their
relations, the families of the three kidnapped Takoradi girls have now agreed
to co-operate with the police

Psychologists Visit Family

a team of psychologists has visited the homes of families of the three
kidnapped Takoradi girls to prepare them for the impending DNA process.

the visit, Alexander Kuranchie, father of one of the kidnapped girls, said that
the visit was the second since their children got missing about a year ago.

came to encourage us and assured us that government would do all it could to
unravel the identity of the remains. But for me, reading my Bible and praying
has been the greatest source of strength since my daughter left home almost a
year ago,” he disclosed.

We Will Do DNA

Kuranchie also indicated he had changed his mind on the issue of DNA and
forensic examinations, saying “although I really wanted to decline the DNA test
but much advice and consultation have made me change my position.”

He added that after listening to other discerning individuals, we realized it was critical at this point to establish the identity of the human remains discovered and decide the way forward.


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