Opinion—UTG: Fake Professor Sleeping in Class During Lectures

Dear Compatriot,

The highest academic institution in The Gambia is weeping for change, specially at the Faculty of Law.

Your recently publications on planned students’ protest were indeed accurate.

Students are disgruntled. The staff is disgruntled. The government is aware of the on goings at the University and have held several meetings to certify the demands of the students.

The management is fearful of a protest, which the student leadership threaten to head.

Below is the picture of the Acting Dean of Faculty of law, “Prof Hendry” taken during lectures. Students claim he doesn’t teach at all, comes to class at discretion and spends most of his time sleeping.
They have demanded for his resignation.

He is from Nigeria. However, fellow Nigerian lecturers are bitter about the bad character he is painting about their nation. Only the admin is defending him.


Change Agent


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