Parliamentarians Asked To Condemn 3 Years Jotna

A Nominated Member of the National Assembly Friday called on his colleagues to condemn the activities of civil society group 3 Years Jotna which is asking President Adama Barrow to respect his campaign promise and step down after serving three years in office.

Foday Gassama said this while addressing the National Assembly during the Adjournment Debate at the Parliament.

Gassama told the lawmakers that the 3 years debate is a moral issue and 5 years is a constitutional matter and therefore, they shouldn’t support an idea that will undermine a constitutional provision. He said the Constitution provides for 5 years and not 3 years.

“The idea of ‘3 years jotna’ can lead the country to conflict or violence. The idea of ‘3 years jotna’ can lead to protracted social conflict,” he said.

He said: “It is the duty of each National Assembly Member (NAM) to defend the Constitution as provided for under section 6 of the Constitution and not to advocate for 3 years.”

Gassama said the Constitution is the supreme law of the land which all laws must conform with or else be declared null and void.

“We should be careful with the idea of ‘3 years jotna’. As National Assembly members, we shouldn’t advocate for it and we should advocate for peace,” Gassama submitted.

He thanked the Ministry of Works and Construction for their ongoing roads construction particularly in the Upper River Region.

Gassama replaceded Ya Kumba Jaiteh sometime this after President Barrow revoked her nomination as a member of the National Assembly (NA). Jaiteh is battling out the matter before the Supreme Court of the Gambia wherein she claimed that the purported revocation was unconstitutional basing her argument on the principles of the Separation of Power. The matter is set for judgment which the Supreme Court is expected to deliver in the November session.


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