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I will not vote for Dr. Ceesay—Freedom Radio Listener said

I am very disappointed with so called Dr Ceesay. His behavior and choice of statement towards Ebou Jallow in your program was very unprofessional. It is a clear indication that he is a man who will always jump to conclusions.

Ebou Jallow is not perfect like all of us but he is man of principles. Dr Ceesay said President Barrow lacks  the qualities and ability to be a leader but President Barrow is patient  and tolerant which are the most important qualities of a leader. Dr Ceesay lacks  those qualies so he is not ready to be a president yet.
 In fact, I don’t trust him with students anymore because I have clearly noticed his lack of tolerance for genuine criticism. My vote for him is out of the window and so is all my close ones. Let him go back to the drawing board for 2026 generation election if he is still interested but NOT 2021. Continue your excellent work my brother. May Allah continue to guide and protect you with your beloved family


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