GTU holds 5 years National Delegates Congress

The Gambia Teachers Union (GTU) have recently held their National Delegates Congress which is held every five years. The congress was held on the theme: Leaving no one behind.

Marie Antoinette Corr, general secretary said GTU is a single union in The Gambia and they are highly respected for their nonpartisan posture and  resourcefulness. “We know you represented your people and have their mandate and trust, it is our hope that you would participate in the proceedings of the conference with this in mind and act diligently and conscientiously to move the Union forward,” she said.

She said at the end of the congress, they intend to formulate the final conclusions and eventually make recommendations that will be bench mark for the future of the nation.

Mamadou Diallo, DGS ITUC said GTU is deeply rooted in the history of the country with all the sacrifices for their members and people of The Gambia, saying they have contributed  a lot in building the country and its economy, as well as its social outcomes. “Your solidarity does not only contribute in words but also actions and kinds which were instrumental in the successful comfort of members for better living and working conditions for all,” he added.

The unionist said 60% of the working class are working without employment contract and lacked social protection. He said the right for workers to hold demonstrations as well as the right to do collective bargaining should be considered as a fundamental human right.  “The right to hold demonstrations and the right to collective bargaining are the most violated rights. Silence allows perpetuation to continue – so speak up,” he said.

He encouraged women to participate in trade union activities and also called on the government to invest heavily in the youths.

On education, Mr. Jallow stressed that the government needs to invest heavily in the sector because there cannot be any meaningful development in the absence of education.


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