China-aid Road and Bridges Project in URR

Held Photo Exhibition Marking

70th Anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China

The China-aid Road and Bridges Project in URR of The Gambia recently held a photo exhibition to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The exhibition featured seven different themes: History, Achievements, Belt and Road, China-Africa Cooperation, China-Gambia, Cooperation, China-aid Road and Bridges Project Introduction, Project Construction Team Introduction and achievement.

In addition to Chinese personnel, the project team has specially invited government officials, teachers, students and residents in URR to the exhibition.

The teachers and students of a middle school at Basse town came to visit the exhibition on October 2, 2019. They watched the photos and the project introduction intensively, asking questions one after another, exited with great curiosity and amazement of the People’s Republic of China’s development. They thanked the project team for the invitation to attend such a meaningful program, giving them a good opportunity to know more about the People’s Republic of China, and about the 70 years development history and the great achievements of the People’s Republic of China. They wished the People’s Republic of China a happy 70th anniversary, and expressed the hope to learn more about China in the future, and the readiness to strengthen the friendship between the two countries and with the Chinese friends.

On October 7th, 2019, Honourable Aja Fanta B. S. Maneh, Governor of the URR, came to visit the Basse Camp of the China-aid Road and Bridges Project on institutional tour with a team of government stakeholders, including deputy Governor of the URR, CEO of Basse area council, and members of the national security. The Governor’s team and the project team held talks in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. Honourable Governor Maneh remarked that it was her great pleasure to come to the China-aid Road and Bridges Project, and expressed her gratitude to the Chinese government’s help, and the willingness to support and facilitate the project implementation by overcoming any challenges along with the Chinese team. After the discussion, the Governor and her team were invited to visit the photo exhibition, in which they showed great interest, and highly praised the outstanding achievements that had been made by China since its founding of 70 years ago.

The Governor expressed her sincere greetings to the Chinese government and the Chinese people on behalf of the people of URR and said that the People’s Republic of China had realized tremendous development in a comprehensive way, such as in the field of economy, society, culture and technology, and meaningful cooperation between People’s Republic of China and Africa and the cooperation between People’s Republic of China and Republic of The Gambia have been developing fast too. She said she look forward to the fast development of the Gambia to realize the country’s modernization with the selfless support of People’s Republic of China.


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