Alagie Barrow brands Foreign forces affront to Gambian army 

The continued presence of foreign troops in the territorial confines of The Gambia telegraphs an affront to the competence of the national army,former US Army sergeant and head of TRRC  research and investigations unit ,Alagie Barrow,has declared.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kerr Fatou, he enunciated:

“I know that civil military relations are usually very complex.If you go into The Gambia,the North Bank I think it’s primarily Ghanaian soldiers.You come around here[Kanifing Municipality]it’s mostly Nigerians.Senegalese are primarily in the Foni area.You look at the history of what happened and positioning those Senegalese,Ghanaians and Nigerians in those areas.You look at what happened before,during the 1994 coup when you listen to some of the testimonies at TRRC.There was a lot of disgruntlement within the forces because people were not happy. Thanks 

They saw Nigerians as living flamboyant,lavish life-that’s one factor.Whenever you have foreign forces in another country…there will always be animosity here and there.Ultimately the message is that ‘you guys cannot take care of this by yourselves that’s why we have to have these people here’.

That’s almost an affront to soldiers,to the military or to the armed forces here because it’s like ‘you cannot take care of your own house so we have to get other people outside to come and take care of it for you”.


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