A Flower Of Journalism Plucked  

Flowers of journalism are blossoming in The Gambia. On the very day Sise Sawaneh lost her life, journalists from all shades of media in the country assembled at the conference hall of the law faculty of the University of The Gambia to quiz invited personalities to discuss the qualities, values, merits and purpose of their profession.

A country that had often been characterised as the dungeon of the voiceless appeared to have come to the end of the tunnel with flowers of journalism sprouting under the mid-day sun waiting to blossom so that the country would be donned with freedom blossoming in all the corners of our homeland.

As the young aspiring professionals in the field of journalism left the hall, one could clearly see that the might of the pen would undoubtedly become mightier than the sword in a Gambia where transparency and accountability are becoming the clarion call for good governance and justice. There is no doubt that all the young journalists left with a new spirit on how to keep the minds of the Gambian people well-nourished with the information required to become the guardians of our liberty, custodians of our rights and architects of our own destiny.

Sise Sawaneh is no exception. Accidents however are unexpected momentary happenings that could rob a family, a community, a profession of its loving sons and daughters. The accident which took the life of Sise Sawaneh is no exception. Her family, friends, workmates and the journalist profession feel robbed of a loving daughter.

In preserving her memory, Foroyaa would want to encourage all media houses to devote editorials to this loss so that others will rise to take her place so that her spirit of unconquered sovereignty would live in those left behind to continue the journey of investigating and revealing the truth in good faith in the public interest so as to leave no one behind or allow injustice to prevail.

In life she inspired many of her colleagues. May she continue to inspire them and live in them in death.


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